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When ‘engaging with customers’ is more effective than ‘promoting’

Relationship marketing encompasses strategies beyond the traditional transactional sales. It's exciting to see how businesses are now focusing on giving their customers 'more' than they have asked for!
Touching consumers in a unique way and sparking emotions is more than relevant today. “Work with your head but also take your heart along”, I have come to believe in this ideology over the years. A customer will always buy from a brand that meets his expectations of ‘how’ they are treated and not by ‘what’ they are offered. This is what Relationship Marketing is all about!

It starts with making your customer, your partner. Building a long-term and sustainable relationship is at the root of customer retention. And that is possible only when you are in constant touch with your customer, as it will help in identifying how he works, his needs & preferences and how you can make a difference. This will prepare you to serve customers faster and quite possibly even before they ‘as…

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